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1. Freshwater fluxes and climate change in the Antarctic Peninsula: a combined observational and modelling approach [Fresh_Water_Antarctic_Peninsula_Tijm-Reijmer_ALWNPP2010-02]
The Antarctic Peninsula (AP) is one of the few regions in Antarctica that experiences significant surface melt and runoff. Being a region of fast atmospheric warming (three to four times the global ...

2. Low temperature Antarctic Automatic Weather Stations [AWS_East_Antarctica_VDBroeke_IPY152_NL]
During the International Polar Year (IPY, 2007-2009), several ground traverses penetrated the remote interior plateau of East Antarctica to search (among other things) for the oldest ice chronology ...

3. Seasonal and Inter-annual Fluctuations of Ice Velocities on Five Svalbard Glaciers [Flow_Arctic_Glaciers_Tijm-Reijmer_IPY37_NL]
In order to improve our understanding of the relation between meltwater input and sliding velocities we measure seasonal and inter-annual fluctuations of ice velocities on five Svalbard glaciers. ...

4. Greenland Surface Mass Balance [Modelling_Arctic_Glaciers_VDBroeke_IPY37_NL]
Model data, RACMO2

5. Meteorological data from RACMO model over Antarctica [NL_ANTARCTIC_METEO_MODEL]
A regional atmospheric climate model with a horizontal resolution of 55x55 km2 has been used to simulate the Antarctic atmosphere during a 14 year period. Parametrisations of the physical processes ...

Showing 1 through 5 of 5
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