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1. National Coal Inventory [CANEMRCCRSNCI]
This dataset includes primary geological data from boreholes, trenches, outcrops, adits, etc. It contains location, lithology, structure and coal quality information. SPANS universes are ...

2. Paleontological Report Database, Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) [Paleontological_Report_Database_Geological_Survey_of_Canada_GSC]
Paleontological determinations of the age and depositional environment of sedimentary rocks is critical information for geological mapping and basin analysis. As of 2009, this database comprises metadata ...

3. Crude Oils and Organic Solvent Extracts From Canadian and Selected International Sedimentary Basins [Canada_GSC_CrudeOilsOrganicSolv]
This data set includes location information and gross composition data (abundances of hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon fractions) for the collection of crude oil samples and organic solvent rock extracts. ...

4. Ditchwall Database for the Norman Wells Oil Pipeline [Canada_GSC_NormWellsPipeline]
This data set contains 9,000 digital records of observations on permafrost and soil conditions made in the 1.2m deep trench dug for the construction of the 869km long Norman Wells pipeline. Included ...

5. Eastern Cordillera NATMAP Project in Southern Alberta, Canada [Canada_GSC_EastCordNATMAP]
The Eastern Cordillera NATMAP project re-maps the bedrock and Quaternary geology along the eastern edge of the Cordillera in southern Alberta. It is creating a new broad-ranging, digitial geoscience ...

Showing 1 through 5 of 5
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