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1. NOAA/GFDL Ocean Assimilation Experiments [GFDL_OCEAN_ASSIMILATION]
These are datasets from the NOAA/GFDL Ocean Assimilation Experiments This model was used for seasonal to interannual prediction and studies of the time period 1979-2008. Obtain the Ocean Assimilation ...

2. Ocean Simulation based on MOM4-beta2 release [NOMADS_MOM-4]
The Modular Ocean Model (MOM) is a numerical representation of the ocean's hydrostatic primitive equations, and it is designed primarily as a tool for studying the global ocean ...

3. GFDL R30 Coupled Climate Models: Decadel to Centennial Time Scale Studies [deccen_coupled_climate]
The GFDL R30 climate model is a coupled atmosphere-ocean general circulation model (AOGCM). Its four major components are an atmospheric spectral GCM, and ocean GCM, and relatively ...

4. Input and Output Files for the NOAA/GFDL Flexible Modeling System [GFDL_FLEXIBLE_MODEL_IO]
This dataset includes Input and Output Files for the Flexible Modeling System (FMS): including exchange and ocean grids, bgrid and spectral atmospheric initial conditions, and datasets ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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