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1. Modern Average Global Sea-Surface Temperature [USGS_DDS_10]
The purpose of this data set is to provide paleoclimate researchers with a tool for estimating the average seasonal variation in sea-surface temperature (SST) throughout the modern world ocean and ...

2. Velocities of Outlet Glaciers, Ice streams, and Ice shelves, Antarctica, From Satellite Images [USGS_outletglaciers]
Changes in global climate and sea level are intricately linked to changes in the area and volume of polar ice sheets. Thus, melting of the ice sheets may severely impact the densely populated ...

3. Dust Deposition in Southern Nevada and California [VATECH_VAdust]
Dust samples taken annually for five years from 55 sites in southern Nevada and California provide an unparalleled source of information on modern rates of dust deposition, grain size, ...

4. Geometeorological data collected by the USGS Desert Winds Project at Gold Spring, Great Basin Desert, northeastern Arizona, 1979-1992 [OFR_95-78]
This data set contains meteorological data files pertaining to the Gold Spring Geomet research site. Documentation files and data-accessing display software are also included. The meteorological data ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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