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1. Billa Billa Fallow Management Experiment, Queensland, Austrailia [QWRI.BillaBilla]
The Billa Billa Folow Management Experiment was initiated in 1983. The soil parent material at the site consists of cretaceous sediments (lithic sandstone). The native vegetation was cleared in 1971. ...

2. Sanborn Field, Long Term Crop / Soil Organic Matter Experiment [UMO.Sanborn]
This experimnet began in 1888 at a cool temperate site. The site was used as pasture up until 1886, corn was grown 1887 and 1888. the soil is described as Mexico series (fine montmorillonitic, mesic ...

3. Triple Cereal Cropping and Soil Organic Matter Long-term Experiment, China [ZAAS.Cereal]
This experiment began in 1974 at a Warm Temperate SubTropical site in China. The soil was developed from marine deposits but had desalted after long-term cropping and classified as Entisols (Hydric ...

4. Waite Permanent Rotation Trial, Long Term Soil Organic Matter Project [CRCSLM.Waite]
This experiment began in 1925 at a warm temperate subtropical site in Australia. The soil is described as a Rhodoxeralf (Soil Taxonomy) Alfisol. There are two different land-uses: cereal ley farming ...

5. Effects of Lime and Crop Residue on Soil Fertility and Crop Yield on Acidic soil under Rice-Rice-Soybean, Taiwan [KDAIS.TaiwanRice]
SITE HISTORY For more than 20 years before the experiment began in 1974, paddy rice was the crop grown on the experimental site. The experimental site is located in the Pintung Plain of Southern ...

6. Long-term effect of farmyard manure and N on yield of pearl millet-wheat cropping sequence, India [HAU.FYM]
This experiment began in 1967 at a site that was originally shrubland. The project consists of one rotation: Pearl millet-wheat. Treatments = 1) Absolute control, 2) Farm yard manure added, 3) N-fertilizer ...

Showing 1 through 6 of 6
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