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1. National Museum of Natural History Invertebrate Zoology Collections [NMNH_Invertebrate_Zoology_Collection]
NMNH Invertebrate Zoology Collections records, 8784 Bryozoa, 68401 Coelenterates, 220965 Crustacea, 75012 Echinoderms, 196851 Mollusks, 28853 Porifera, 16466 Tunicates, 171401 Worms, 93268 General; ...

2. National Museum of Natural History Vertebrate Zoology Fishes Collections [NMNH_Vertebrate_Zoology_Fishes_Collections]
The Fish Collection at the National Museum of Natural History is the largest in the world, containing an estimated 4 million specimens in over 540,000 lots. The collections are worldwide in coverage. ...

3. Type Catalog for Specimens of Birds in the United States National Museum [SI_NMNH]
The National Collections are maintained as a resource to promote ornithological research, and as such, are irreplaceable. Between 200 and 400 scientists from around the world ...

4. Collaborative Research: Relevance of Planktonic Larval Dispersal to Endemism and Biogeography of Antarctic Benthic Invertebrates [NSF-ANT03-38218]
Because of extreme isolation of the Antarctic continent since the Early Oligocene, one expects a unique invertebrate benthic fauna with a high degree of endemism. Yet some invertebrate taxa that constitute ...

5. Mammal Species of the World [si_mnh_mammalspecies]
The Mammal Species of the World (MSW) is a database of mammalian taxonomy. The names are organized in a hierarchy that includes Order, Family, Subfamily, Genus and Species. Records include ...

Showing 1 through 5 of 5
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