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1. Carbon and Nitrogen Balance of a Northern Mixed-grass Prairie as Influenced by Grazing [USDA.ARS.RRRU.MixedGrassCarbon]
(Adapted from Abstract presented at ARS Carbon Storage Workshop, Baltimore, MD, Jan 1999) Problem: Rangeland health and sustainable productivity of our rangelands are becoming a key issues in developing ...

2. Partitioning of Carbon and Nitrogen in a Mixed-grass Prairie [USDA.ARS.CGPRS.CNmixedgrass]
(adapted from abstract presented at ARS Carbon Storage Workshop, Jan 1999, Baltimore MD) Problem: To further evaluate the effects of grazing on the C and N dynamics ofa rangeland ecosystem we needed ...

3. SUCC--61 Years of Secondary Succession [USDA0102]

4. Use of Grass to Regenerate Degraded Soils - CRP [USDA0106]
Dataset includes soil samples from 3 field sites, 5 treatments, 3 replications, with duplicate soil samples obtained on each replicate. Soil sample depths have varied; initially 0 - 7.5 cm, 7.5 - ...

5. CPER--Long-Term Grazing Intensity Study [USDA0075]
The purpose of the "CPER--Long-Term Grazing Intensity Study" is to measure long-term impact of three grazing intensities on shortgrass rangeland. Description; 3 pastures, each 128 ha, grazed 1939-present ...

6. Carbon Exchange on the Short-grass Steppe and the Northern Mixed Prairie. [USDA.ARS.RRRU.Carbonxchng]
(adapted from project abstracts) Problems: While the importance of rangelands for domestic animal grazing and wildlife have been appreciated for some time, their role in the global C cycle is only ...

7. Carbon and Nitrogen Dynamics Response to Grazing Management [USDA0071]
Soil carbon and nitrogen parameters collected from soil samples from shortgrass native range pastures grazed under four grazing management schemes and replicate control areas (exclosures where no ...

8. Carbon, Nitrogen and Phosphorus Changes in CRP Lands [USDA.ARS.CGPRS.CNPcrp]
(adapted from abstract presented at ARS Carbon Storage Workshop, Jan 1999 Baltimore, MD) Problem: Marginal, highly erodible croplands have been taken out of production and replanted to grasslands ...

Showing 1 through 8 of 8
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