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1. Effects of Prescribed Fire on Sediment and Nutrient Loads in Southeastern U.S. Forests [USDA_effectsofprescribedfire]
We used the nutrient cycling model NuCM (Nutrient Cycling Model) as our platform for predicting stream and soil nutrient response after forest management with prescribed fire. Study sites were located ...

2. Forest Floor Fuel Estimates for the Eastern United States [USDA_forestfloorfuelestimates]
Foresters commonly separate forest floor or down woody materials (DWM) into three successive layers: (1) branches and logs (fine and coarse woody material), (2) litter, and ...

3. Fuel Model Algorithm Refinement and Model Validations for Eastern US Tree Species [USDA_fuelmodelalgorithm]
Field data are collected to evaluate for modeled estimates of live and dead aboveground woody forest biomass and develop correlations among fire-related vegetation and biophysical parameters. ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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