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1. Stability of Landscapes and Ice Sheets in Dry Valleys, Antarctica: A Systematic Study of Exposure Ages of Soils and Surface Deposits [NSF-ANT03-38224]
This work will study cosmogenic isotope profiles of rock and sediment in the Dry Valleys of Antarctica to understand their origin. The results will provide important constraints on the history of ...

2. Remote Observations of Ice Sheet Surface Temperature: Toward Multi-Proxy Reconstruction of Antarctic Climate Variability [Ant_T_Recon]
This project will develop spatially extended and statistically reliable estimates of Antarctic surface temperature variations over the past several centuries, using a multi-proxy calibration/verification ...

3. University of Washington Pacific Northwest Seismograph Network (PNSN) Earthquake Data [EARTH_CRUST_USGS_WASH_QUAKE_FTP]
The Pacific Northwest Seismograph Network (PNSN), a member of the Center for National Security Studies CNSS, is centered at the University of Washington's Dept. of Earth and Space Sciences . The PNSN ...

4. Collaborative Research: Fabric and Texture Characteristics of Micro-Physical Processes in Ice [waddington_OPP0136047]
Project NSF-OPP0136047 was a contribution to a collaborative ice fabric and texture program (lead institution Ohio University). The UW contribution was a computer simulations of fabric and texture ...

5. Iceland glaciers - velocities and radar 2003 [waddington_OPP0136112]
Data set comprises: (1) Digital Elevation Models of surface and bed in a 4x4 km area on Myrdalsjokull, Iceland, bounded by [7068000-7072000] Northing, [591000-596000] Easting in zone ...

Showing 1 through 5 of 5
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