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1. Radio Aurora Records at Syowa Station [NICT_AURORAL_RADAR]
Radio auroral echoe observed with auroral radar at Syowa Station.

2. Riometer (Relative Ionospheric Opacity Meter) Data [NICT_RIO_OBS]
National Institute of Information and Communications Technology has been observing the absorption of cosmic radio noise with a standard riometer (relative ionospheric opacity meter) at 30 MHz at Syowa ...

3. Space Environment On-line Database-2 [SERDIN-02]
Ionospheric parameters are measured by 5 Japanese stations. Limited data are offered by the on-line database.

4. High Frequency Field Strength Measurement [NICT_HF_FIELD]
High frequency propagation data from Japan to Syowa Station

5. Ionospheric Vertical Sounding [NICT_IONOSONDE_OBS]
Virtual height profile of ionospheric electron density at Syowa Station, East Antarctica

Showing 1 through 5 of 5
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