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1. APR-2 Dual-frequency Airborne Radar Observations, Wakasa Bay, Version 1 [NSIDC-0195_1]
The Airborne Second Generation Precipitation Radar (APR-2) collected data in the Wakasa Bay AMSR-E validation campaign over the sea of Japan on board a NASA P-3 aircraft. Data were collected on all ...

2. AVHRR Leads-ARI Polar Gridded Brightness Temperatures, Version 1 [NSIDC-0026_1]
This data set consists of AVHRR imagery selected from hard copy 'quick look' images to provide the best coverage possible over the Arctic approximately every three days for a three-year period. Level-1B ...

3. Active layer physical processes at Broeggerhalvoya, western Spitsbergen, Version 1 [GGD239_1]
These data have been collected from an Arctic desert site (latitude 78o57'29N, longitude 12o27'42E), Broeggerhalvoya in western Spitsbergen, 10 km NW from Ny Alesund, 45 m above sea level, 2 km ...

4. Borehole permafrost data, Kumtor and Taragai Valleys, Tienshan, Kazakhstan, Version 1 [GGD499_1]
This dataset includes observations of the permafrost temperatures in the Inner Tien Shan were started in 1986 by Kazakhstan Alpine Permafrost Laboratory. Observations are carried out on more than ...

5. CLPX-Ground: Ground Based Passive Microwave Radiometer (GBMR-7) Data, Version 1 [NSIDC-0165_1]
This data set contains brightness temperature observations of the snow cover at the Local Scale Observation Site (LSOS) of the Cold Land Processes Field Experiment (CLPX) in Fraser, Colorado, USA.

6. CLPX-Ground: Micrometeorological Data at the Local Scale Observation Site (LSOS), Version 1 [NSIDC-0168_1]
This data set includes two sets of soil temperature profiles, two sets of soil moisture profiles, two sets of soil heat flux profiles (in dense pine and open pine areas), and one set of a snow temperature ...

7. CLPX-Model: Land Data Assimilation System (LDAS) Data, Version 1 [NSIDC-0181_1]
The LDAS data set contains 43 model and observation-based fields produced by the LDAS uncoupled modeling system at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center using the Mosaic Land Surface Model (LSM).

8. CLPX-Model: Rapid Update Cycle 40km (RUC-40) Model Output Reduced Data, Version 1 [NSIDC-0211_1]
The Rapid Update Cycle, version 2 at 40km (RUC-2, known to the Cold Land Processes community as RUC40) model is a Mesoscale Analysis and Prediction System (MAPS) data set that uses the Model Output ...

9. Coordinated Eastern Arctic Experiment (CEAREX) Data, Version 1 [NSIDC-0020_1]
CEAREX was a multi-platform field program conducted in the Norwegian Seas and Greenland north to Svalbard from September 1988 through May 1989. Canada, Denmark, France, Norway and the United States ...

10. Daily Soil Temperature and Meteorological Data for Sites at Toolik Lake Alaska, Version 1 [GGD906_1]
This data set consists of daily air, water, and soil temperature, wind speed, vapor pressure, and the sum of global radiation and unfrozen precipitation data from the Toolik Lake area of Alaska between ...

11. IPAB Antarctic Drifting Buoy Data, Version 1 [NSIDC-0084_1]
The World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) International Programme for Antarctic Buoys (IPAB), through participating research organizations in various countries, maintains a network of drifting ...

12. Meteorology and soil temperatures, Hot Weather Creek, Ellesmere Island, NWT, Canada, Version 1 [GGD220_1]
The instrumentation was installed in June 1988 and was initially maintained by the Arctic Adaptation Division Canadian Climate Centre, Atmospheric Environment Service (CCC/AES) with field support ...

13. Monthly Summaries of Soil Temperature and Soil Moisture at Oil Contamination Sites in Antarctica, Version 1 [GGD626_1]
To determine the effects of oil spills on soil temperature and moisture, soil climate stations were built at existing contamination sites -- Scott Base, Marble Point, Bull Pass, and nearby control ...

14. Monthly Summaries of Soil Temperature and Soil Moisture in China, Version 1 [GGD625_1]
This data set contains soil temperature and soil moisture data from nine sites in China. Temporal coverage varies by station; the earliest record is from June 1998, and the latest is from May 2002. ...

15. Monthly Summaries of Soil Temperature and Soil Moisture in Mongolia, Version 1 [GGD627_1]
This data set contains soil temperature and soil moisture data from the Delger (White Bloom) site in Mongolia. Other variables include wind speed, wind direction, relative humidity, air temperature, ...

16. Permafrost, palsas and frost-crack polygons, Salluit, Quebec, Canada, Version 1 [GGD418_1]
This dataset includes temperature conditions for ice-wedge cracking, Salluit, northern Quebec. Air temperature, soil temperature, wind speed and direction, July 1989 through April 1991 (not continuous ...

17. Permafrost-related micrometeorology and soil temperatures, Qingzang Plateau, China, Version 1 [GGD486_1]
These data sets include Surface Meteorological Data (D100, D105, Tanggula Pass, Wetland), Ground Temperature (D100, D105, Tanggula Pass, Wetland), Soil Moisture Data, Evaporation, and soil physical ...

18. Rock glaciers, Prealps, Vaud, Switzerland, Version 1 [GGD292_1]
The investigated area forms part of the western lobe of the Prealps (Swiss Prealps). The 25 identified fossil rock glaciers are found mainly in the Prealpes medianes rigides Nappe and the Niesen Nappe, ...

19. Rock glaciers, Western Andes, Chile, Version 1 [GGD282_1]
The research area is located along a transect from 18 deg S to 29 deg S in the Chilean Altiplano, the western part of the high intramontane plateau in the Central Andes. This region is located in ...

20. SMEX02 Balloon-borne Radiosonde Data, Iowa, Version 1 [NSIDC-0231_1]
This data set includes radiosonde measurements of upper air temperature and pressure, relative humidity, and wind direction and speed during the balloons' ascent to the upper atmosphere.

21. SMEX02 Rain Gauge Network, Walnut Creek, Iowa, Version 1 [NSIDC-0236_1]
This data set includes hourly precipitation data taken at 20 rain gauge locations as part of the Soil Moisture Experiment 2002 (SMEX02).

22. SMEX02 Soil Climate Analysis Network (SCAN) Station 2031, Ames, Iowa, Version 1 [NSIDC-0142_1]
This data set provides data from various sensors on the Soil Climate Analysis Network (SCAN) station number 2031, located near Ames, Iowa, USA.

23. SMEX02 Soil Moisture and Temperature Profiles, Walnut Creek, Iowa, Version 1 [NSIDC-0185_1]
This data set contains rainfall, soil moisture, and soil temperature data collected for the Soil Moisture Experiment 2002 (SMEX02).

24. Soil temperatures at South Royalton, Vermont, USA, Version 1 [GGD489_1]
This data set presents half-hourly measurements of soil temperatures at depths of 0 to 60 cm, together with meteorological data (air temperature, precipitation, pressure, relative humidity, wind speed/direction, ...

25. When the Weather is Uggianaqtuq: Inuit Observations of Environmental Changes, Version 1 [NSIDC-0650_1]
Uggianaqtuq (pronounced OOG-gi-a-nak-took) is a North Baffin Inuktitut word that means to behave unexpectedly, or in an unfamiliar way. From the perspective of many hunters and elders in the Arctic, ...

26. 30 Minute Rainfall Data (FIFE) [FIFE_RAIN_30M_2_1]
30 minute rainfall data for the Konza Prairie

27. A Concise Experiment Plan for the Arctic-Boreal Vulnerability Experiment [ABoVE_Concise_Experiment_Plan_1617_1]
This document presents the Concise Experiment Plan for NASA's Arctic-Boreal Vulnerability Experiment (ABoVE) to serve as a guide to the Program as it identifies the research to be conducted under ...

28. ABoVE: CO2 and CH4 Fluxes and Meteorology at Flux Tower Sites, Alaska, 2015-2017 [AK_North_Slope_NEE_CH4_Flux_1562_1]
This dataset provides CO2 and CH4 fluxes and meteorological parameters from five eddy covariance (EC) tower sites located at Barrow (three sites), Atqasuk (ATQ) and Ivotuk (IVO), Alaska. These locations ...

29. ABoVE: Climate Drivers of Pan-Arctic Tundra Vegetation Productivity, 1982-2015 [Seasonality_Tundra_Vegetation_1606_1]
This dataset provides a summary of potential climate drivers of Arctic tundra vegetation productivity that have been compiled for growing seasons from 1982 to 2015. The scale of interest is the entire ...

30. ABoVE: Dall Sheep Lamb Recruitment and Climate Data, Alaska and NW Canada, 2000-2015 [Dall_Sheep_Population_Dynamics_1640_1]
This dataset contains estimated annual average Dall sheep (Ovis dalli dalli) lamb-to-ewe ratios for each year from 2000-2015 across the full species range in Alaska and Northwestern Canada. Sheep ...

31. ABoVE: Ignitions, burned area and emissions of fires in AK, YT, and NWT, 2001-2015 [Alaskan_Wildfire_C_Emissions_1341_1]
This data set provides estimates of daily burned area, carbon emissions and uncertainty, and daily fire ignition locations for boreal fires in Alaska, USA, and the Yukon and Northwest Territories, ...

32. ABoVE: Last Day of Spring Snow, Alaska, USA, and Yukon Territory, Canada, 2000-2016 [Last_Day_Spring_Snow_1528_1]
This dataset provides the last day of spring snow cover for most of Alaska and the Yukon Territory for 2000 through 2016. The data are based on the MODIS daily snow cover fraction product (MODSCAG) ...

33. ABoVE: Rain-on-Snow Frequency and Distribution during Cold Seasons, Alaska, 2003-2016 [Rain-on-Snow_Data_1611_1]
This dataset provides maps of rain-on-snow (ROS) events across Alaska for the individual months of November to March 2002-2011 and November to March 2012-2016, and annual water year summary maps for ...

34. ACT-America: L2 In Situ CO2, CO, and CH4 Concentrations from Towers, Eastern USA [ACTAMERICA-PICARRO_Ground_1568_1.1]
This dataset provides atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), and methane (CH4) concentrations as measured on a network of instrumented communications towers operated by the Atmospheric ...

35. AMAZE-08 Aerosol Characterization and Meteorological Data, Central Amazon Basin: 2008 [AMAZE-08_1308_1]
This data set provides measurements from the Amazonian Aerosol Characterization Experiment (AMAZE-08) carried out during the wet season from February 4 to March 21, 2008 in the central Amazon Basin. ...

36. AMS (Automated Met Station) Data (FIFE) [FIFE_AMS_DATA_12_1]
30 minute average meteorological data from NCARs Portable Automated Mesonet Station

37. ATom: Simulated Data Stream for Modeling ATom-like Measurements [ATom_Simulated_Data_1597_1]
This dataset provides a simulated data stream representative of an Atmospheric Tomography mission (ATom) data collection flight and also modeled reactivities for ozone (O3) production and loss and ...

38. AirMOSS: L2 Hourly Precipitation at AirMOSS Sites, 2011-2015 [AirMOSS_L2_Precipitation_1417_1]
This data set provides level 2 (L2) calibrated hourly precipitation (cm/hr) from rain gauges at seven North American sites as part of the Airborne Microwave Observatory of Subcanopy and Subsurface ...

39. Airborne Data Visualizer [Airborne_RShiny_App_1585_1]
The goal of the Airborne Data Visualizer (ADV) is to allow users to explore in-situ atmospheric gas measurements from multiple airborne missions through a single tool. The ADV consists of a web application, ...

40. Aircraft Flux-Detrended: NRCC (FIFE) [FIFE_AF_DET_M_3_1]
Detrended boundary layer fluxes recorded on aircraft flights over the Konza

41. Aircraft Flux-Detrended: U of Wy. (FIFE) [FIFE_AF_DET_K_4_1]
Detrended boundary layer fluxes recorded on aircraft flights over the Konza

42. Aircraft Flux-Detrended: Univ. Col. (FIFE) [FIFE_AF_DET_G_5_1]
Detrended boundary layer fluxes recorded on aircraft flights over the Konza

43. Aircraft Flux-Filtered: NRCC (FIFE) [FIFE_AF_FLT_M_6_1]
Filtered boundary layer fluxes recorded on aircraft flights over the Konza

44. Aircraft Flux-Filtered: U of Wy. (FIFE) [FIFE_AF_FLT_K_7_1]
Filtered boundary layer fluxes recorded on aircraft flights over the Konza

45. Aircraft Flux-Filtered: Univ. Col. (FIFE) [FIFE_AF_FLT_G_8_1]
Filtered boundary layer fluxes recorded on aircraft flights over the Konza

46. Aircraft Flux-Raw: NRCC (FIFE) [FIFE_AF_RAW_M_9_1]
Raw (unmodified) boundary layer fluxes recorded on aircraft flights over Konza

47. Aircraft Flux-Raw: U of Wy. (FIFE) [FIFE_AF_RAW_K_10_1]
Raw (unmodified) boundary layer fluxes recorded on aircraft flights over Konza

48. Aircraft Flux-Raw: Univ. Col. (FIFE) [FIFE_AF_RAW_G_11_1]
Raw (unmodified) boundary layer fluxes recorded on aircraft flights over Konza

49. Amazon River Basin Precipitation, 1972-1992 [richriver_228_1]
The precipitation data is 0.2 degree gridded monthly precipitation data based upon monthly rain data from Peru and Bolivia and daily rain data from Brazil. The extent of the data ranges from 5.2N ...

50. Arctic Tundra Flux Study in the Kuparuk River Basin (Alaska), 1994-1996 [fluxnet_alaska_629_1]
CO2 and water vapor fluxes and ecosystem characteristics were measured at 24 sites along a 317-km transect from the Arctic coast to the latitudinal treeline in Alaska during the growing seasons of ...

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