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1. ASPeCt-Bio: Chlorophyll a in Antarctic sea ice from historical ice core dataset [ASPeCt-Bio]   PARENT DIF
The ASPeCt - Bio dataset is a compilation of currently available sea ice chlorophyll a (chl-a) data from pack ice (i.e., excluding fast ice) cores collected during 32 cruises to the Southern Ocean ...

2. Antarctic Terrestrial Biodiversity Database [AAS_4296_Antarctic_terrestrial_biodiversity_DB]
A spatially explicit database of Antarctic biota. Taxa range from microbes to vertebrates and cover the entire Antarctic continent. This database began as the SCAR Biodiversity Database and under ...

3. Physical-Chemical Properties and Environmental Fate Handbook CRCnetBASE 2000 [CRCnetBASE2000]
Taken from the preface to the CD. &Physical-Chemical Properties and Environmental Fate& Handbook CRCnetBASE 2000 includes over 600 chemicals, a 20 percent increase from the previous version, which ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3

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