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1. A Comparison of Conventional and Organic Farming Systems [USDA0010]
The "Comparison of Conventional and Organic Farming Systems" database contains data from experimental growing of crops under different farming systems and changing soil parameters over time. Data ...

2. Rotation and Nitrogen Fertilization Effects on Changes in Soil Carbon and Nitrogen [USDA0098]
The dataset consists of data resulting from an experimental study involving seven cropping systems (three monoculture, two 2-year, and two 4-year rotations) with three rates of N fertilizer. Data ...

3. Tillage, N Fertilization, and Crop Rotation Effects On Soil Organic C and N [USDA.ARS.SPNRU.tillNCropOM]
(adapted from abstract presented at ARS carbon storage meeting, Baltimore Jan 1999) Problem: Conventional tillage, crop-fallow dryland fanning systems in the central and northern Great Plains utilized ...

4. Management of Soil in Dryland Regions [USDA0381]
"Management of Soil in Dryland Regions" is a set of data, each dataset representing 3 to over 20 years of data using replicated trials. Tillage and cropping system-type studies have the longest number ...

5. Soil Carbon Sequestration by Tillage and Crop Rotation [CDIAC_CARBON_CROP]
Abstract from "" Changes in agricultural management can potentially increase the accumulation rate of soil organic carbon (SOC), thereby sequestering ...

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