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1. Jornada Experimental Range Utilization Surveys [MSU0017]
The "Jornada Experimental Range Utilization Surveys" contains data on the utilization of grasses by livestock. Utilization was determined by taking large samples of grazed and ungrazed heights for ...

2. Jornada Experimental Range Vegetation Standing Crop (Production) Records [MSU0013]
The Jornada Experimental Range Vegetation Standing Crop (Production) Records measures vegetation which was clipped from quadrats or belt transects of known area. The vegetation was then separated ...

3. Plant Species Diversity and Seed Bank Diversity in Pastures of the Northeast United States [USDA.ARS.PSWMRL.NEPlant]
Pasture lands are an important facet of land use in the northeast United States, yet little is known about their diversity. Because little information exists about the ecology of northeast pastures, ...

4. Section 15 Burn Field Plots [USDA0099]
To determine the effects of fall burning on sagebrush, grass vegetation and associated soils. The data collected measures the amount of forage growth or depletion. Collection Organization: Originally, ...

5. Management of Soil in Dryland Regions [USDA0381]
"Management of Soil in Dryland Regions" is a set of data, each dataset representing 3 to over 20 years of data using replicated trials. Tillage and cropping system-type studies have the longest number ...

Showing 1 through 5 of 5
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