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1. Glacial geology of Northern and Central Victoria Land and Marie Byrd Land [NL_ANTARCTIC_GLACIAL_GEOLOGY]
Separate regions within the Transantarctic Mountains, the uplifted flank of the West Antarctic rift system, appear to have distinct Neogene histories of glaciation and valley downcutting. Incision ...

2. McMurdo Dry Valleys Ground Penetrating Radar and Surficial Geology [mlp_MDV_GPR]
The data are ground-penetrating radar profiles across a variety of transects in the McMurdo Dry Valleys. The data were collected at 400, 100, and 50 Mhz. The software used to process ...

3. Battye Glacier Formation Paleontology and Sedimentology, Beaver Lake Region, Antarctica [ANDRILL_Pagodroma_Group]
Glacimarine strata of the Battye Glacier Formation (c.130 m thick), Pagodroma Group, exposed in the Amery Oasis of East Antarctica, provide a record of late Miocene palaeoenvironmental ...

4. East Antarctic glacial history through microfossil analyses of the Pagodroma Group [David_Harwood]
These results provide information on the biostratigraphic age, depositional environment and paleoclimate setting for four formations of the Pagodroma Group of glacial deposits. Information ...

5. Australian Geological Activities in the Northern Prince Charles Mountains [Geology_NPCMs]
A dataset describing Australian Geological activities in the Northern Prince Charles Mountains from 1987 to 1996. The data are stored in an excel spreadsheet and contains information such as dates, ...

6. Alaska PaleoGlacier Atlas: A Geospatial Compilation of Pleistocene Glacier Extents [APG_ATLAS]
Three decades after the last Alaska-wide compilations of glacial geology (Karlstrom et al., 1964; Coulter et al., 1965), we have coordinated a broadly collaborative effort to create a ...

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