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1. Habitat Digitizer Extension [NOAA_HDE]
The Habitat Digitizer is an ArcGIS extension that helps scientists delineate features by visually interpreting georeferenced images such as aerial photographs, satellite images, and side scan sonar. ...

2. Wildlife Habitat Benefits Estimation Toolkit [WHPRP]
The Wildlife Habitat Benefits Estimation Toolkit, developed in collaboration between economists at Defenders of Wildlife and Colorado State University under a grant from National Council for Science ...

3. Quick-Silver: A Program for Economic Analysis of Long-term, On-the-ground Resource Management Projects [USDA_FS_QSILVER]
Quick-Silver is a program for economic analysis of long-term, on-the-ground resource management projects. It provides a consistent benefit/cost framework to determine if one management action costs ...

4. NEWILD - Software for Species/Habitat Evaluation [USDA_FS_NED_NEWILD]
NEWILD is a computer program that assists in the access and evaluation of the information presented in the Species/Habitat matrices developed by DeGraaf et. al. NEWILD can be used to determine which ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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