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1. Fisher Massif Mapped from Landsat 7 Imagery. [LANDSAT_FISHER_FEATURES]
Fisher Massif Features Mapped from Mosaiced Pan Sharpened Landsat 7 Imagery. FEATURE MAPPING An unsupervised classification was run on the final image to create an image with 12 distinct grey scale ...

2. Georeferenced Landsat 7 image of the Prince Charles Mountains and Lambert Glacier [L7PAN128112_141101_R]
Georeferenced Landsat 7 image of the Prince Charles Mountains and Lambert Glacier. The image was captured on the 14th of November, 2001.

3. Prince Charles Mountains Features Mapped from Landsat 7 Imagery [LANDSAT_PRINCE_CHARLES_MOUNTAINS_FEATURES]
Mapping of the major features of the Prince Charles Mountains (massifs, peaks, glaciers, etc), derived from a Landsat 7 image captured in November of 2001. All features were mapped in ESRI's ArcGIS ...

4. Amery Ice Shelf velocity time series from Landsat images [AAD_Ant_AIS_vel_series]
A time series of ice velocity values have been derived by analysis of LandSat-7 ETM+ images for the Lambert Glacier and Amery Ice Shelf system. The analysis technique uses feature tracking in pairs ...

5. Landsat 7 Mosaiced Pan Sharpened Image [LANDSAT_FISHER_MOSIMAGE]
Mosaiced Pan Sharpened Landsat 7 Image of Fisher Massif. The orientation parameters were derived from the Landsat 7 image header information to reference the images. The accuracy achieved from the ...

6. Landsat 7 Educational Image Subsets [EOSWEBSTER_Landsat_Ed_Subsets]
EOS-WEBSTER has agreed to serve satellite image subsets for the Forest Watch ("") program and other educational programs which make use of satellite imagery. Forest ...

7. Landsat Satellite Imagery for the United State and Russia [EOSWEBSTER_Landsat]
With the launch of Landsat 7, data are no longer copyright protected and these data may be freely distributed. EOS-WEBSTER, in an effort to provide access to earth science data, has designed an interim ...

8. Larsemann Hills - Mapping from Landsat 7 imagery captured January 2000 [gis136]
The datum of this dataset is as described in GIS dataset AAT_Coastline_Landsat7. The Landsat 7 image (2002-01-30 Path 126 Row 109) georeferencing was checked using Ground Control Points derived from ...

A tandem pair of Advanced Land Imager (ALI) and Landsat Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus (ETM+) scenes covering the same part of Kruger National Park (KNP), South Africa (including the Skukuza tower ...

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