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1. Fieldwork and sampling at Loewe Massif-Amery Oasis [ASAC_1071_Loewe]
At Loewe Massif and Amery Oasis, samples were taken; - for sediment analysis (XRF geochemistry and grain size) - for geochronology (cosmogenic isotope analysis). The custodian for these samples is ...

2. Glacial history of the Framnes Mountains, East Antarctica. [ASAC_1332]
Geological evidence from the Framnes Mountain, East Antarctica, will reveal changes in ice thickness from the Last Glacial Maximum 20,000 years ago to the present. A computer simulation of changes ...

3. Interaction between Carbon and Sulfur Cycles in Antarctic Stratified Lakes and Fjords [ASAC_1166]
---- Public Summary from Project ---- The lakes and fjords of the Vestfold Hills region of Antarctica provide unique ecosystems for studying environmental changes in Antarctica over the past 8000 ...

4. Southern prince charles mountains: sediments and salts [1071_PCMEGA]
Field analysis of included quantification of clast rounding and lithology, and weathering features such as tafoni, elongated pitting, sand accumulations, frost shattering, glacial polish, and the ...

5. Quaternary Climate Database of the Australian Region; BMR, Australia [EARTH_LAND_AUS_BMR_QUATERN_CLIM]
The Quaternary Climate Database provides data on Quaternary Climates of the Australian Region. Climate indicators are collected from literature centered on the Australian and some Antarctic regions. ...

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