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1. Florida Bay core logs disposition and analysis parameters [USGS_SOFIA_hlmsclog]
The data set contains the core number, location, latitude/longitude, date collected, storage location, core surface description, and analyses for cores taken from Rabbitt Key, Cluett Key, Whipray ...

2. Florida Bay sample core log [USGS_SOFIA_hlmscsmp]
The data set contains fractions, intervals, location of sample, analyses, and sections with no sample remaining referenced to site name. The use of radioactive isotopes is founded on the known physical ...

3. Florida Bay sediment geochemical data [USGS_SOFIA_orem_fb_sed_geochem]
The data set contains the sample ID, depth (cm), sediment size, fine sediment fraction (<60m), total C %, organic C %, total N %, total P %, C/N, C/P, and N/P. This project is examining (1) sources ...

4. Geochronology in the South Florida Ecosystem and Associated Ecosystem Programs [USGS_SOFIA_metholms]
In order to manage an ecosystem, it is imperative to define the rate at which ecologic, physical and chemical changes have occurred. The lack of historical records documenting ecological changes dictates ...

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