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1. VISCREEN - Plume Screening Model [VISCREEN-Model]
VISCREEN calculates the potential impact of a plume of specified emissions for specific transport and dispersion conditions.

2. VALLEY - Terrain Screening Model [VALLEY-Model]
VALLEY is a steady-state, complex terrain, univariate Gaussian plume dispersion algorithm designed for estimating either 24-hour or annual concentrations resulting from emissions from up to 50 (total) ...

3. RTDM3.2 - Rough Terrain Diffusion Model [RTDM3.2-Model]
The Rough Terrain Diffusion Model is a sequential Gaussian plume model designed to estimate ground-level concentrations in rough (or flat) terrain in the vicinity of one or more co-located point sources.

4. SCREEN3 - Industrial Source Complex Model [SCREEN3_Model]
SCREEN3 is a single source Gaussian plume model which provides maximum ground-level concentrations for point, area, flare, and volume sources, as well as concentrations in the cavity zone, and concentrations ...

5. OCD - Offshore and Coastal Dispersion Model [OCD_Model]
Offshore and Coastal Dispersion Model Version 5 (OCD) is a straight line Gaussian model developed to determine the impact of offshore emissions from point, area or line sources on the air quality ...

6. COMPLEX1 - Terrain Screening Model [COMPLEX1-Model]
COMPLEX1 is a multiple point source screening technique with terrain adjustment that incorporates the plume impaction algorithm of the VALLEY model.

7. SPAtially Referenced Regressions On Watershed Attributes (SPARROW) Modeling of Surface-Water Quality [01-usgs_sparrow-01]
The SPARROW method uses spatially referenced regressions of contaminant transport on watershed attributes to support regional water-quality assessment goals, including descriptions of spatial and ...

8. Nonpoint Source Pollution and Erosion Comparison Tool (OpenNSPECT) [NOAA_N-SPECT]
This open-source version of the Nonpoint Source Pollution and Erosion Comparison Tool is used to investigate potential water quality impacts from climate change and development to other land uses. ...

9. ISC3 - Industrial Source Complex Model [ISC3_Model]
ISC3 is a steady-state Gaussian plume model which can be used to assess pollutant concentrations from a wide variety of sources associated with an industrial complex. This model can account for the ...

10. ADMS-Urban - Air Pollution Model [CERC_ADMS_URBAN]
ADMS-Urban is a comprehensive system for modelling air quality in large urban areas, cities and towns. It is the only practical urban air quality model which incorporates the latest scientific understanding, ...

11. European Pollutant Emission Register [EPER]
The European Pollutant Emission Register (EPER) was created by the European Environment Agency and is a European-wide register of industrial emissions into air and water. It uses ArcIMS ...

12. Factor Information Retrieval (FIRE) Data System [EPA_webfire]
The Factor Information Retrieval (FIRE) Data System is a database management system containing EPA's recommended emission estimation factors for criteria and hazardous air pollutants. FIRE includes ...

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