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1. An inter-disciplinary investigation of biological, physical and geochemical lake processes [ASAC_1049]
Data for Crooked Lake and Lake Druzhby (CL and LD), Vestfold Hills.Programme Dec 98 - Feb 00 PI: Prof J Laybourn-Parry Winterer: Tracey Henshaw (any questions regarding the data sheets: ...

2. Distribution and Viability of Zooplankton Eggs from Anoxic Sediments from the Vestfold Hills, Antarctica [ASAC_706]
Data set contains sediment cores from three saline lakes in the Vestfold Hills. The three lakes are Ace Lake, Lake Pendant and Lake Abraxas. Short cores from each lake are sectioned into 1 cm intervals. ...

3. Soil invertebrates of the Windmill Island region [AAS_4100_Soil_Invertebrates]
Samples were collected from: Clark Peninsula (ASPA 136) Bailey Peninsula (ASPA 135) Bailey Peninsula near Casey Station Robinson's Ridge Specific GPS coordinates are given in the download file. ...

4. Structure and Function of Terrestrial Biotic Communities [ASAC_37]
An analysis of bedrock and associated soils was conducted at a series of coastal localities in East Antarctica as well as further inland in the Prince Charles Mountains. Protozoans and micrometazoans ...

5. The Rotifers of Macquarie Island [ASAC_116]
Thirty-nine species (31 Monogononta and 8 Bdelloidea) are described from Macquarie Island. Thirty-eight of these are new records for the island. Included in the data are the distribution of rotifers ...

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