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1. Analysis Products on Cropland [NRCS_NRI_SotL_CROPLAND]
The maps using data from the preliminary 1997 NRI for croplands deal with a variety of areas. These areas range from specific cultivated croplands, to erosion on cropland and changes in cropland. ...

2. China: Miscellaneous Crop Statistics [USDA0455]
"China: Miscellaneous Crop Statistics" contains area, yield, and production data by region and province for tobacco, sugar beets, sugarcane, and major fruits. Data include estimates of area planted ...

3. Field Crops County Data, from the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service [USDA0004]
The Field Crops County Data dataset provides information on acreage, yield, and production by crop and county. The data include planted and harvested acreage, yield per harvested acre, ...

4. Leading Commodity Cash Receipts [USDA0322]
The "Leading Commodity Cash Receipts" dataset supplements and extends the data reported in the statistical bulletin LEADING COMMODITY CASH RECEIPTS, 1960-87, March 1989, ERS. Data on cash receipts ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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