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1. WATSUIT Model: Predicts the Salinity, Sodicity, and Toxic-Solute Concentration [USDA_ARS_WATSUIT]
WASUIT is a computer program which predicts the salinity, sodicity, and the toxic-solute concentration of the soil-water within a simulated crop root zone resulting from the use of a particular ...

2. Soil Temperature and Moisture Model [USDA_ARS_STM2]
The Soil Temperature and Moisture Model model predicts the soil temperature and moisture conditions based on very limited user inputs. The input requirements are: 1. A general soil characterization ...

3. N3DADE Model: Nonequilibrium 3-Dimensional Advection-Dispersion Equation [USDA_ARS_N3DADE]
This research report documents the Fortran program N3DADE (Nonequilibrium 3-Dimensional Advection-Dispersion Equation) which may be used to evaluate analytical solutions described by Leij et al. [1993]. ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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