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1. Airborne Laser Polarization Sensor (ALPS) Experiment During the Forest Ecosystem Dynamics - Multisensor Airborne Campaign [FEDMAC_ALPS]
Forest Ecosystem Dynamics Multisensor Airborne Campaign (FED MAC): Airborne Laser Polarization Experiment The Biospheric Sciences Branch (formerly Earth Resources Branch) ...

2. Diversity Changes in Soil Mesofauna (Springtails and Oribatid Mites) in the Subarctic (Abisko Swedish Lapland) [SOIL_INVERTEBRATES_ARCTIC_KRAB_IPY213_NL]
Northern peatlands have been globally important accumulators of carbon as plant litter and older soil organic matter. As climate changes, the decomposition rates of these peatlands and consequently ...

3. Long term studies of effects of climate manipulations on subarctic ecosystems [Experimental_Warming_Ecology_Arctic_Dorrepaal_NL]
Since June 2000, we have been conducting a field manipulation experiment simulating climate scenarios in a subarctic Sphagnum-dominated blanket bog near Abisko, N Sweden. This experiment is unique ...

4. The distribution and extent of Sphagnum moss on Macquarie Island [SOE_sphagnum]
This indicator is no longer maintained, and is considered OBSOLETE. INDICATOR DEFINITION The locations where Sphagnum moss occurs on Macquarie Island including new occurrences and changes in the ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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