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1. One-Dimensional Transport With Inflow and Storage (OTIS): A Solute Transport Model For Streams and Rivers [USGS_OTIS]
OTIS is a mathematical simulation model used to characterize the fate and transport of water-borne solutes in streams and rivers. The governing equation underlying the model is the advection-dispersion ...

2. Streamflow routing in upland channels or channel networks [USGS_DAFLOW]
The DAFLOW model routes flows through a system of inter-connected one-dimensional channels and subdivides the system into a series of branches, with each branch divided into a number of subreaches. ...

3. ModelMuse - A Graphical User Interface for MODFLOW-2005, PHAST, MODPATH, and ZONEBUDGET [USGS_ModelMuse]
ModelMuse is a graphical user interface (GUI) for the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) models MODFLOW–2005, MODFLOW-LGR, MODFLOW-LGR2, MODFLOW-NWT, MODFLOW-CFP, MODFLOW-OWHM, MODPATH, ZONEBUDGET, ...

4. The Hydrological Routing Algorithm (HYDRA) [NASA_CASA_HYDRA]
The Hydrological Routing Algorithm (HYDRA) is a computer model that simulates the regional scale flow of water (Coe et al., 2000). HYDRA simulates a set of physical hydrologic processes including ...

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