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1. Nella Dan: SIBEX II Cruise Phytoplankton Data [SIBEX_II_phyto]
This dataset contains results from the Second International BIOMASS Experiment II (SIBEX II) cruise of the Nella Dan, taken in January 1985. This cruise was the fourth cruise in a series of six. Phytoplankton ...

2. Oceanic Photosynthetic Pigment Concentrations Measured during the JGOFS Equatorial Pacific Process Study (EQPAC) [JGOFS_EQPAC_PIG]
The Equatorial Pacific Process Study (EQPAC) was conducted along 140 deg W longitude during 1992. Four cruises took place: February 3 - March 9, March 19 - April ...

3. Photosynthetic Pigment Concentrations Measured during the JGOFS North Atlantic Bloom Experiment (NABE) [JGOFS_NABE_PIGMENTS]
The Joint Global Ocean Flux Study (JGOFS) seeks to understand the processes that control the transfer of carbon and other biologically active elements in the ocean. In addition, ...

4. DMS in the Southern Ocean [ASAC2100]
From 1991 to 2000 14 voyages have been completed in the Southern Ocean. Measurements of DMS (Dimethylsulfide) and DMSP (Dimethylsulfoniopropionate) have been carried out on surface and subsurface ...

5. The role of Antarctic marine protists in trophodynamics and global change and the impact of UV-B on these organisms - BROKE Samples [ASAC_40_BROKE]
pigmentdata.xls contains concentrations of marker pigments (micro g.L-1) for each depth at each station. Table contains data for: CTD, Lat, Long, Depth, Chl_c3, Chlc1+c2, Peridinin, 19'-But, Fucoxanthin, ...

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