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1. Oxygen consumption rates of Lineus corrigatus, a large marine nemertean worm, and the effects of diesel fuel oil on metabolic rates [K057_1989_1991_NZ_2]
A preliminary survey of the respiratory physiology of Lineus corrigatus, a large marine worm living in the shallow waters around Ross Island was conducted. Worms were caught using traps in shallow ...

2. Respiration rates and physiological changes of Antarctic fish Pagothenia borchgrevinki exposed to fuel oil, acute vs chronic exposure [K057_1989_1991_NZ_1]
The potential for oil pollution in the Ross Sea is increasing as shipping activities increase due to base operations and tourism. The effects of diesel fuel oil on Antarctic fish survival and physiology ...

3. APIS - Antarctic Pack Ice Seals 1994-1999, plus historical data from the 1980's [APIS]
APIS data were collected between 1994 and 1999. This dataset also includes some historical data collected between 1985 and 1987. Both aerial and ship-board surveys were conducted. Studies on the behaviour ...

4. Measuring the effects of human activity on Weddell Seals (Leptonychotes weddellii) [ASAC_1148_Weddells]
The number of people travelling to Antarctica is growing, with much of the recent increase in visitor numbers attributable to an expansion in commercial tourism (Enzenbacher 1992; 1994). Most visitors ...

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