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1. Continuous logging of sea surface environmental conditions, fall-winter of 2001-2003, continental margin west of Antarctic Peninsula, GLOBEC [alongtrack_SO]
A broad array of ship and environmental conditions were logged continuously along the ship's track during multi-ship surveys to the Antarctic 2001-2003. Reported at one minute ...

2. Atmospheric and Meteorological Data Over the Kuwait Oil Fires Taken From Aircraft [KUDA_AIRCRAFT]
Airborne studies of the smoke and pollution from the Kuwait oil fires were carried out in 1991 at the end of the Persian Gulf War. Over 600 oil wells, storage tanks, and refineries were ...

3. Physical parameters in the study of atmosphere/permafrost interaction to describe the annual active layer evolution. Livingston and Deception islands [CNDA-ESP_ANT1998-0571]
In English: The goal of this proposal will be developed a physical model of the soil thermal regime in a permafrost terrain and validate with soil temperatures and radiation balance measurements ...

4. Surface Meteorological Data at Zhongshan Station from 1989-1998 [CAMS_METEO_ZHONGSHAN]
These surface meteorological observations have been made continuously since March, 1989 at Zhongshan Station operated by CHINARE. Its international index of weather report is 89573. Observation ...

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