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1. Annually-resolved polar ice core 10Be records spanning the Neutron Monitor era [Neutron-Monitor-era-annual-10Be]   PARENT METADATA
Annually-resolved 10Be concentrations, stable water isotope ratios and accumualtion rate data from the DSS site on Law Dome, East Antarctica (spanning 1936-2009) and the Das2 site, south-east Greenland ...

2. Firn Accumulation Processes in Taylor Dome, Vostok and Siple Dome Ice Using Cosmogenic 14 C and 10Be as Tracers [lal_9909484]
This award is for support to develop a history of snow accumulation and physical processes occurring in the upper layers of ice deposited at several sites in Antarctica, using cosmogenic ...

3. High Resolution 10Be Records, spanning 1999-2009 from Law Dome, Antarctica [highres_10be_records_law_dome_1999_2009]   PARENT METADATA
This file comprises five high-resolution records of 10Be concentration in snow from Law Dome, East Antarctica: DSS0102-pit, DSS0506-pit, DSS0506-core, DSS0809-core and DSS0910-core. A single composite ...

4. High Resolution ice core 10Be records from Law Dome, Antarctica: 10-year composite (revised dating) [10Be-Law-Dome-10-year-composite]   CHILD METADATA   PARENT METADATA
This record comprises composite 10Be concentrations from three Law Dome ice cores (DSS0506-core, DSS0809-core and DSS0910-core). Sample dating is revised from that presented in Pedro et al., clim. ...

5. High resolution studies of cosmogenic beryllium isotopes (10Be and 7Be) at Law Dome [ASAC_3064]   CHILD METADATA
Metadata record for data from AAS (ASAC) Project 3064. Public 10Be and 7Be are naturally-occurring radioactive isotopes produced in the Earth's atmosphere and surface by cosmic rays, at a rate controlled ...

6. High resolution studies of cosmogenic beryllium isotopes (10Be) at Law Dome [beryllium_10be_isotopes_lawdome]
Energy from the Sun drives the Earth's climate system but this energy varies: there is an 11 year solar cycle and the Sun's intensity has varied over longer timescales. Reconstructing how the Sun's ...

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