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1. World Food Aid Needs and Availabilities [USDA0508]
"World Food Aid Needs and Availabilities" is a full-text report that is a study of world food aid needs, defined as amount of grain needed to fill the gap between what a country can produce ...

2. Bureau of Reclamation Data (Agricultural Water Use, 1979-1986) [USDA0442]
"Bureau of Reclamation Data (Agricultural Water Use, 1979-1986)" contains data on and trends in agricultural use of federally supplied irrigation water for Bureau of Reclamation lands receiving full ...

3. Management of Soil in Dryland Regions [USDA0381]
"Management of Soil in Dryland Regions" is a set of data, each dataset representing 3 to over 20 years of data using replicated trials. Tillage and cropping system-type studies have the longest number ...

4. CAB Abstracts of Agricultural and Biological Data [USDA0426]
"CAB Abstracts" is a comprehensive bibliographic database of agricultural and biological data from all journals published by CAB International. Material abstracted and in the database include scientific ...

5. Irrigation Production Data System (IPDS) [USDA0020]
The Irrigation Production Data System (IPDS) is a comprehensive analysis system; it was developed as a tool for analyzing cost and returns across states and U.S. farm production regions. It provides ...

Showing 1 through 5 of 5
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