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1. Atmospheric and Meteorological Data From the Kuwait Oil Fires Taken from Ground Observations [KUDA_GROUND_OBS]
Ground-based studies of the smoke and air quality from the Kuwait oil fires were carried out in 1991 at the end of the Persian Gulf War. Over 600 oil wells, storage tanks, and refineries were ignited ...

2. Right-to-Know GIS Atlas of the United States [Right_to_Know]
The Right-to-Know GIS Atlas of the United States CD is a comprehensive collection of public knowledge GIS data. The maps work with the free ArcExplorer GIS viewer, ArcView GIS, and many other GIS ...

3. GIS Data from the Montgomery County Maryland Atlas Project [CGIS_montgomery_GIS_atlas]
This data atlas provides GIS maps for download into a GIS database. The atlas includes feature data and image data. The feature data consists of airports, census block groups, ...

4. Lake Chad Datasets, Africa [NBId0079_101]
The Lake Chad Dataset which is a detailed case study of the UNEP/FAO/ESRI Family was developed by UNEP/GRID, on behalf of the UNEP/Fresh Water Unit for the Lake Chad Commission on Sustainable Development. ...

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