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1. Solar Wind Experiment (SWE) on WIND [WIND_SWE]
The main purpose of the Wind spacecraft is to measure the incoming solar wind, magnetic fields and particles, although early on it will also observe the Earth's foreshock region. Wind, together with ...

2. Adirondack Broad Band Array (ABBA) [PASSCAL_ABBA]
Objective: Determination of anistropy and depth/characteristics of discontinuties in the mantle and the Moho beneath the Adirondacks. Preliminary results: Azimuthal Anisotropy is oriented ENE-WSW ...

3. Anisotropy, Abrupt Climate Change, and the Deep Ice in West Antarctica [waddington_0636996]
This record includes two datasets and accompanying code. The anisotropic flow dataset provides velocity and fabric evolution of anisotropic ice for several numerical experiments. The experiments ...

4. Chicxulub Passive seismic experiment, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico [PASSCAL_CHICXULUB_PASSIVE]
The objectives of the above experiment were: - To record seismic data from local, regional and teleseismic data over the chicxulub impact structure. - To study this data and determine if any anisotropy ...

5. Chicxulub Seismic Experiment [PASSCAL_CHICXULUB_ACTIVE]
These data are from 91 PASSCAL instruments located on land and recording shots from a marine seismic vessel near the Yucatan Penninsula of Mexico.

6. Collaborative Research: Anisotropy, Abrupt Climate Change, and the Deep Ice in West Antarctica [pettit_0940650]
This award supports a project to constrain the accumulation rate, thickness, and temperature history for Siple Dome using a vertical velocity profile that includes the effects of an evolving fabric ...

7. Data from the PASSCAL NOMAD Experiment, Southern New York [PASSCAL_NOMAD]
STS-2s were deployed at four sites in southern New York (VASR, WIND, WICK, and SCCC) in June, 1997. The instruments at VASR and WIND were moved to UCON and UHRT in October, 1998, and the experiment ...

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