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1. NOAA/GFDL Ocean Assimilation Experiments [GFDL_OCEAN_ASSIMILATION]
These are datasets from the NOAA/GFDL Ocean Assimilation Experiments This model was used for seasonal to interannual prediction and studies of the time period 1979-2008. Obtain the Ocean Assimilation ...

2. Aeromagnetic Reconnaissance Survey Data [GSJ-DAM]
The Geological Survey of Japan has carried out developments on the exploration and analysis techniques in aeromagnetic survey since 1964, when the research on aeromagnetic exploration was begun on ...

3. GRAVSAT: Regional Gravity Anomaly Surveys from Satellite Altimetry [SATOBSYS_GRAVSAT]
GRAVSAT provides gravity survey information for the offshore oil and gas exploration industry. Based on the analysis of radar altimetry from the ERS-1 Geodetic Phase, completed ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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