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1. Assessment of Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Genetic Diversity in Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar) [LSC_AtlanticSalmon]
The eastern coastal rivers of North America have historically supported anadromous populations of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar). Numbers of these animals have declined due to overfishing and loss ...

2. Atlantic Salmon Restoration Program [gomc_178]
Salmon Program Outlook: The brood stock program, operating since 1993, is part of the Merrimack River Anadromous Fish Restoration Program. Before they are released, these brood fish provide eggs for ...

3. Resistance of Atlantic salmon to Major Bacterial Pathogens of Atlantic Salmon [LSC_Atlanticsalmonbactpath]
Specific causes of mortality are multifaceted, differ amongst locales, and even temporally within the same environment. Many specific factors influence the resistance of an organism to disease. The ...

4. Fish Habitat Database [GLFC_FishHabitatDatabase]
The Fish Habitat Database is a synthesis of extensive information on habitat requirements and characteristics of selected Great Lakes fish species. Sponsored by the Great Lakes Fishery Commission ...

5. Mare Cognitum - Nordic Seas Ecosystem [GLOBEC_012_NRWY_001]
Mare Cognitum 1993 - 2001 Mare Cognitum aimed to identify the major factors and mechanisms causing variability in the Nordic Seas ecosystem. Insight into the functioning ...

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