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1. Observer On board Program - Fisheries Secretariat of the Province of Chubut-Argentina (OOBPPCh) (OBIS South America, ARGENTINA) [AROBIS.SecretariaPesca]
In Patagonia, Argentina, (from 42?00 SL to 47?00 SL) it is developing an important shrimp fishery, target on "Patagonian Red Shrimp" (Pleoticus muelleri), caught by twin trawler freezer fleet. Since ...

2. Integrated weight longline study, New Zealand ling fishery 2002-2003 [ASAC_2295_IWL_2002-2003]
This research was a manipulative experiment on autoline ling vessels in the New Zealand ling fishery. The vessels were the Janas and the Avro Chieftain. The experiment examined both seabird bycatch ...

Showing 1 through 2 of 2
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