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1. Residue Decomposition Processes and Soil C Storage in Agro-Ecosystems [USDA.ARS.GSWRL.ResidueDecomp]
(Adapted from Abstract presented at ARS Carbon Storage Workshop, Baltimore, MD, Jan 1999) Problems: The combined impact of population increases, industrial expansion, and deforestation has resulted ...

2. Responses of Range Grasses and Soils to Global Change [USDA0094]
The purpose of the "Responses of Range Grasses and Soils to Global Change" dataset is to understand basic, mechanistic responses of grass species and soils to growth under different CO2, water regimes, ...

3. CO2 and Temperature Effects on Two Subtropical Grassland Species: A C3 Legume and C4 Stoloniferous Grass. [USDA.ARS.CGERU.CO2tempFlorida]
(Adapted from an Abstract Presented at ARS Carbon Storage Workshop) THE PROBLEM: After maximal deforestation in the Eastern USA, and particularly the Southeastern USA, much land returned naturally ...

4. Carbon Exchange on the Short-grass Steppe and the Northern Mixed Prairie. [USDA.ARS.RRRU.Carbonxchng]
(adapted from project abstracts) Problems: While the importance of rangelands for domestic animal grazing and wildlife have been appreciated for some time, their role in the global C cycle is only ...

5. Impact of Livestock Grazing on Carbon and Nitrogen Balance of a Short-grass Steppe [USDA.ARS.CGPRS.SGSgraze]
(adapted from project abstract) Problem: Grazing lands constitute about 55% ofthe total land surface of the United States, and have been estimated to contain 40,000 MMT of C in the top 2 m of the ...

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