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1. Rotation and Nitrogen Fertilization Effects on Changes in Soil Carbon and Nitrogen [USDA0098]
The dataset consists of data resulting from an experimental study involving seven cropping systems (three monoculture, two 2-year, and two 4-year rotations) with three rates of N fertilizer. Data ...

2. Estimates of Annual Fossil-Fuel CO2 Emitted for Each State in the U.S.A. and the District of Columbia for Each Year from 1960 through 2001, CDIAC/Trends [CDIAC_TRENDS_CO2USA]
These energy consumption data were multiplied by their respective carbon dioxide emission factors, which are called carbon content coefficients by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These ...

3. Global, Regional, and National Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Emission Estimates (1751-2000) from CDIAC, Online Trends [CDIAC_CO2_EMISS_MODERN]
[Summary from online CDIAC documentation] Publications containing historical energy statistics make it possible to estimate fossil fuel CO2 emissions back to 1751. Etemad et al. (1991) published ...

4. NACP MCI: CO2 Emissions Inventory, Upper Midwest Region, USA., 2007 [NACP_MCI_CO2_INVENTORY]
This data set provides a bottom-up CO2 emissions inventory for the mid-continent region of the United States for the year 2007. The study was undertaken as part of the North American Carbon Program ...

5. TransCom 3: Seasonal CO2 Flux Estimates from Atmospheric Inversions (Level 2) [TRANSCOM3_LEVEL2]
This data set provides model outputs and seasonal mean CO2 fluxes from the Atmospheric Carbon Cycle Inversion Intercomparison (TransCom 3), Level 2 inversion experiment. Inversion methods can be used ...

A new method is used to generate spatial estimates of monthly averaged biomass burned area and spatial and temporal estimates of trace gas and aerosol emissions from open fires in southern Africa.Global ...

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