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1. Cosmic Ray Associated Atmospheric Pressure and Wind Speed Records, Antarctica [Cosmic_Ray_PW]
Records of atmospheric pressure and wind speed used in conjunction with cosmic ray data recorded at corresponding Antarctic cosmic ray observatories. Data has been collected from Australian Antarctic ...

2. COSMIC Data Analysis and Archive Center version 4.0 Data [CDAAC_COSMIC_DATA]
The UCAR COSMIC Data Analysis and Archive Center (CDAAC) provides HAMP, SAC-C and GPS/MET data using the CDAAC 2.0 software. Data access is free, but users must submit a data agreement. Data and ...

3. Cosmic Ray Neutron Monitor Data, Antarctica and Tasmania [Cosmic_Ray_NM]
Hourly neutron monitor data both raw data and corrected for atmospheric pressure variations. Data are presently, routinely recorded at Mawson and Kingston, using super neutron monitors. Old data ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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