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1. Arc Sweden Overview Map (GIS Coverage) [ESRI_Sweden_Cover]
ArcSweden is a geographic database for Sweden containing different map layers. The geographic database consists of general background data and geographic boundaries with demographic statistical information ...

2. Africa Administrative Units (GIS Coverage of Administrative Boundaries) [NBId0007_101]
New-ID: NBI07 This dataset shows adminstrative boundries of Africa at continental, national, second and third levels in lat/long. The Administrative units Dataset documentation Files: ADMINLL.E00 ...

3. Africa Outline, Integrated Terrain Units, Agric. Landuse, Soils, Vegetation [NBId0001_101]
These datasets (Africa Outline, Agricultural Landuse, Africa Soils, Vegetation, Surface Hydrography, Hydrologic Basins, Desertification Hazard Model) are part of the UNEP/FAO/ESRI Database project ...

4. Countries, Coasts and Islands of Africa (Global Change Data Base - Digital Boundaries and Coastlines) [NBId0020_101]
New-ID: NBI20 Countries, Coasts and Islands Dataset documentation (Micro World Data Bank II) Files: COASTS.E00 Code: 100051-001 COUNTRY.E00 100052-001 ISLANDS.E00 100054-001 Vector Members ...

5. Lake Chad Datasets, Africa [NBId0079_101]
The Lake Chad Dataset which is a detailed case study of the UNEP/FAO/ESRI Family was developed by UNEP/GRID, on behalf of the UNEP/Fresh Water Unit for the Lake Chad Commission on Sustainable Development. ...

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