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1. Biodiversity of Microbial mats in Antarctica [ASAC_1049_Micromat]
From the Micromat home page: Research on microbial biodiversity in Antarctica is still in a starting phase though it is a very promising area of research. Antarctica is characterised by its geographical ...

2. Palaeolimnological investigations of coastal continental lakes in the Larsemann Hills [ASAC_2112]
1.The lakes and ponds in the Larsemann Hills and Bolingen Islands (East-Antarctica) are characterised by cyanobacteria-dominated, benthic microbial mat communities. A 56-lake dataset representing ...

3. The role of Antarctic marine protists in trophodynamics and global change and the impact of UV-B on these organisms - BROKE Samples [ASAC_40_BROKE]
pigmentdata.xls contains concentrations of marker pigments (micro g.L-1) for each depth at each station. Table contains data for: CTD, Lat, Long, Depth, Chl_c3, Chlc1+c2, Peridinin, 19'-But, Fucoxanthin, ...

4. A Study of the Nitrogen-fixing Microbiota of Macquarie Island Plant Communities [ASAC_194]
The nitrogen fixing biota of Macquarie Island are dominated by cyanobacteria growing epiphytically or symbiotically with plants or lichens. Highest rates of acetylene reduction (N-fixation) were found ...

5. Delineation of simple microecosystems associated with the quartz stone habitat in the Vestfold Hills [ASAC_992]
Quartz stone sublithic microbial communities and underlying soil, retrieved from the Vestfold Hills were investigated using a variety of traditional and molecular methods. Although direct epifluorescent ...

Showing 1 through 5 of 5

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