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1. Recruitment and mortality of Calanus eggs and nauplii [GLOBEC_097_UK_017]   PARENT METADATA
Mortality in marine copepods can be more important than fecundity and growth in the determine spatio-temporal patterns of abundance, biomass and secondary productivity. As the mortality of egg and ...

2. Trans-Atlantic Study of Calanus: Comparative Time Series Sampling Programme [GLOBEC_078_TASC_011]   PARENT METADATA
The objective of this subtask of the Trans-Atlantic Study of Calanus (TASC) programme was to describe the annual cycle of vertical distribution, generational development and overwintering of C. finmarchicus ...

3. Trans-Atlantic Study of Calanus: Large Scale Distribution, Life History and Predation [GLOBEC_069_TASC_003]   PARENT METADATA
The distribution, abundance and population structure of Calanus are governed by production, predation, advection and behaviour. This task of the TASC programme addressed these topics on different ...

4. CPR Plankton Data for ICES/GLOBEC Cod and Climate Change 'Backward Facing' Workshop [GLOBEC_010_SAHFOS_002]
CPR Plankton Data for the ICES/GLOBEC Cod and Climate Change Backward Facing Workshop 3 files are available for use within the 'Backward Facing' workshop - one for each ICES area IVa, IVb and IVc ...

5. Marine Productivity - UK GLOBEC [GLOBEC_020_UK_002]   CHILD METADATA
MARINE PRODUCTIVITY: physical controls on ecosystem dynamics The aim of the Marine Productivity programme is to develop coupled modelling and observational systems for the pelagic ecosystem, with ...

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