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1. Publications of the Volcano Hazards Program 2004 [USGS_OFR_2006_1102_VHP_2004]
The Volcano Hazards Program of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) is part of the Geologic Hazards Assessments subactivity as funded by Congressional appropriation. Investigations are carried out in ...

2. The Long Valley Caldera GIS Database [USGS-DDS-081]
The Long Valley Caldera GIS Database provides an overview of the studies being conducted by the Long Valley Observatory in eastern California from 1975 to 2001. The database includes geologic, monitoring, ...

3. Volcanology of Deception Island. Project No. 14 2002-2004 [CDA_AR_GEO_VOLCANIC_MONITORING]   PARENT METADATA
ENGLISH Abstract of project: The Deception Volcanology Observatory was created in 1993 for the Instituto Antartico Argentino (Argentine Antarctic Institute) and for the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones ...

4. Generalized Geologic Map of Part of the Upper Animas River Watershed and Vicinity, Silverton, Colorado [USGS_Map-MF-2377]
This map data was compiled for the purpose of comparing multiple Animas River Watershed Abandoned Mine Lands Project datasets such as geophysical, biologic, remote sensing, and geochemical datasets ...

5. Ground Magnetic Data from within the Long Valley Caldera, California [USGS_OFR_2004_1096]
The past two decades have been a period of unrest for the Long Valley caldera of eastern California. The unrest began in 1978 and continued through late 1999 and included recurring swarms of moderate ...

6. Investigations of the Thermometry, Seismicity, Pyroclastic Rocks, and Geochemistry of Fumarolic Gases and Water, Deception Island, Antartica [ANTARTICA_JCADM_DNA_VOLCANOLOGY]   CHILD METADATA
This dataset is the result of the monitoring of the volcano Deception Island in the South Shetland Islands, Antartica. The dataset includes geologic analyses of pyroclastic rocks, geochemical analyses ...

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