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1. Surface meteorological data from a network of automatic weather stations at a number of Antarctic sites and sub-Antarctic sites. [antarctic_aws]
Surface meteorological data are provided from a network of Automatic Weather Stations (AWS) at 20 sites in remote regions of East Antarctica, and one at sub-Antarctic Heard Island. These stations ...

2. Derivation of an age scale for the Law Dome core - ice cores taken between 1987 and 1993 [DSS_age_scale]   PARENT METADATA
Records of methane, and oxygen isotopes (ice and air) for Law Dome DSS (Dome Summit South) core through the last deglaciation (9000-19000 before present). Data are obtained from the entire DSS core, ...

3. Hydrologic Monitoring Network: Data Mining and Modeling to Separate Human and Natural Hydrologic Dynamics [USGS_SOFIA_hydro_mon_net]
The objectives of the study include: (1) integration of hydrologic analysis and synthesis with biological studies; (2) separation of water level, stream flow, and salinity time series into the natural ...

4. LD2000 isotope stack - Law Dome d18O data 1800-1999 as annual averages [ASAC_757_LD2000]   PARENT METADATA
"LD2000" Isotope record: 1800AD-1999AD" This data set is that used in Schneider et al., 2006 and should be cited as such: Schneider, D. P., Steig, E. J., van Ommen, T. D., Dixon, ...

5. Law Dome d18O data 2100BP to 1996 as 4-year averages [ASAC_757_LD_d18O]   PARENT METADATA
LD2.1ky-grid4y - Law Dome d18O data 2100BP (Present=2000AD) to 1996 as 4-year averages. Data set used in: Jones, P.D. and M.E. Mann, Climate Over Past Millennia, Rev. Geo. 42(2), RG2002, doi:10.1029/2003RG000143, ...

6. Law Dome, Dome Summit South ice core accumulation composite series [AAS_757_LDAccu2005]   PARENT METADATA
This file comprises three main records compiled for publication in the following: van Ommen, T. D. and V. Morgan (2010). Snowfall increase in coastal East Antarctica linked with southwest Western ...

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