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1. National Forestry Database - Revenues and Economic Profile, Canada [Canada_CFS_Rev_EconomicProfile]
The NFDP Website presents a profile for each province and territory that portrays the conditions under which Crown timber is harvested in terms of the tenure holders' rights ...

2. U.S. Watermelon Industry, USDA/ERS [USDA_89029]
"U.S. Watermelon Industry" includes data on U.S. and state acreage, yield, production, prices, and value; per capita consumption; U.S. trade; world production and trade, grades, varieties, and other ...

3. Vegetable Yearbook, USDA/ERS [USDA_89011]
To provide statistics on the U.S. vegetable industry. "Vegetable Yearbook" includes data on production, acreage, value, prices, imports, exports, per capita use, and beginning stocks for major fresh ...

4. Daily Surface Weather, Agriculture, and Commerce for China (1922 -1923) [NCL08802]
Author and title of this book: (Written in Chinese)Ministry of Agriculture and Commerce. The Journal of the Ministry of Agriculture and Commerce(Monthly Journal) . Call number: S19 .J68 47435 Number ...

5. Daily, Monthly, and Annual Weather, Geology, Commerce and Agriculture for China (1911- 1919) [NCL08800]
Author and title of this book: (Written in Chinese) Journal of Agriculture and Commerce (Monthly Journal) Call number: S19 .J68 47431, 47432 Number of books: 2 This book is a part of the foreign ...

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