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1. Social, Economic, Environmental, Demographic Information System (SEEDIS) [EPA0144]
The "Social, Economic, Environmental, Demographic Information System (SEEDIS)" is a research and development project at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, supported by the U.S. Department of Energy ...

2. CensusCD: 1990 Census Data on a Single CD-ROM, GeoLytics Corporation [CensusCD1990]
The following information was abstracted from the CensusCD Webpage (""): CensusCD contains the entire US Census, over 1.3 billion demographics, with an easy to use yet powerful ...

3. CephBase [utmbnrcc_cephbase_obis]
CephBase is a dynamic html (dhtml) relational database-driven interactive web site that has been online since 1998. The prototype version of CephBase was developed at Dalhousie Univeristy in Halifax, ...

4. Human Poverty Index for Developing Countries (HPI-1) [geodata_1896]
While the HDI measures average achievement, the HPI-1 measures deprivations in the three basic dimensions of human development captured in the HDI: - A long and healthy life vulnerability to death ...

5. IAI-Final Report_ISP2_015: Support for Short Course: Instrumentation and Measurement Methodologies In Atmospheric Chemistry Research [IAIDIS478]
This dataset refers to Final Report of the ISP round 2 project number 015, which has the name "SUPPORT FOR SHORT COURSE: INSTRUMENTATION AND MEASUREMENT METHODOLOGIES IN ATMOSPHERIC CHEMISTRY RESEARCH". ...

6. Landsat 7 Educational Image Subsets [EOSWEBSTER_Landsat_Ed_Subsets]
EOS-WEBSTER has agreed to serve satellite image subsets for the Forest Watch ("") program and other educational programs which make use of satellite imagery. Forest ...

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