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1. Tellurometer Readings in Enderby Land, 1976 and 1978 [enderby_tellurometer_1978]
Tellurometer readings were taken over a series of sites in Enderby Land in 1976, and then remeasured in 1978. Temperature, barometric pressure and relative humidity readings were also taken at most ...

2. Enderby Land Field Program Daily Logs and Report, 1977/78 [enderby_reports_1978]
In 1977/78 ANARE carried out a summer operation that was a continuation of a multi-year project in the Enderby Land region, commenced in the 1974/75 season. Programs for 1977/78 included survey, high ...

3. Enderby Land Flight Logs For Ice Radar and Navigation, 1977 [enderby_flight_logs_1977]
A series of flights over Enderby Land were carried out in January 1977 with an airborne ice radar. The flight notes on navigation, radar settings and other notes from the flight have been archived ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3

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