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1. Singular Value Decomposition Analysis of Ice Sheet Model Output Fields [NSIDC-0396]
This data set provides the results of predictive modeling experiments on the Amundsen Sea Embayment region of Antarctica. The models examine how interactions between basal processes and ice sheet ...

2. Static World Policy Simulation Model (SWOPSIM) Database [USDA0502]
The "Static World Policy Simulation Model (SWOPSIM) Database" is a global database for studies of agricultural trade liberalization. The database contains 1989 data for 22 commodities. ...

3. VORSIM - A Model Building Framework for Microsoft Excel [USDA0430]
"VORSIM - A Model Building Framework for Microsoft Excel" is a computer program which helps the user build and simulate mathematical models in the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. VORSIM can be used to ...

4. Effectiveness of Wetlands as a Best Management Practice for Agriculture [USDA0410]
"Effectiveness of Wetlands as a Best Management Practice for Agriculture" is a project that aims to quantitatively assess the effectiveness of constructed wetlands for providing water ...

5. Georgia Automated Environmental Monitoring Network [USDA0121]
The objective of this network is to collect reliable weather and other environmental data for agriculture, environmental research, and other related applications. Collection Organization: University ...

6. Graphical Exposure Modeling System (GEMS) [EPA0138]
The "Graphical Exposure Modeling System (GEMS)" is a interactive information management system designed to allow the rapid analysis of environmental problems. The system allows the user ...

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