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1. Black Walnut Growth Database for Eastern United States, USDA [USDA0598]
The purpose of the "Black Walnut Growth" dataset is to evaluate growth and yield of plantation-grown walnut on a range of sites throughout the eastern U.S. Data are used by NC scientists, and university ...

2. Crop Modeling Data Sets [USDA0076]
Provide database to build process-level crop simulation models. Database is for all crops, but focus is currently on cotton. Crop, plant and weather data are collected. Collection Organization: ...

3. Data Dictionary Directory [USDA0141]
Information on research project title, principle investigators, experimental variables, units, measurements/collection, variable definition, models being used or developed, links with other SGCP projects, ...

4. Harvard Forest Long-term Ecological Research [USDA0597]
Harvard Forest research focuses on historical and modern changes in Central New England forests, resulting from human and natural disturbance. The data in "Harvard Forest Long-term Ecological Research ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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