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1. Neogene Biostratigraphy of the Pagadroma Group [ASAC_1065]
From the abstract of the referenced papers: The northern Prince Charles Mountains overlook the western side of the 700km long Lambert Glacier-Amery Ice Shelf drainage system. Within these mountains, ...

2. Neogene glacial geology of the Prince Charles Mountains [ASAC_2086]
From the abstracts of some of the referenced papers: In the Amery Oasis of the northern Prince Charles Mountains, the glaciomarine Bardin Bluffs Formation of the Pagodroma Group was deposited between ...

3. The Zooplankton Ecology of Ellis Fjord [ASAC_379]
From the abstract of one of the papers: A study was made of the sub-littoral benthic environment of Ellis Fjord, a 10km-long fjord located near Davis Station, in the Vestfold Hills, Antarctica, over ...

4. Ellis Fjord Depths [ellis_fjord_depths_gis]
This data set contains sounding data for Ellis Fjord, one of the fjords of the Vestfold Hills.

5. Marbled Murrelet Marine Density Surveys in Coastal British Columbia: Digital Dataset [UAF_marbledmurreletmarinedensity]
This data set contains Marbled Murrelet marine density surveys (number of birds/km2) at georeferenced locations along the British Columbia coast. The surveys span a period of 14 years ...

6. Marine gravity survey of the whole Scoresby Sund and adjacent fjords (E Greenland), 1988/1990/1994, (projects ARK-V/3b, ARK-VII/3b, ARK-X/2) [AWI-EDMED_542_4]
Besides others, the aim of the marine gravity measurements of the ARK-V/3b and ARK-VII/3b expeditions was to: a) map the crustal structure of totally different geological units in a region of close ...

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