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1. Slick Package - Stress Inversion from Slip Data [USGS_SLICK_PACKAGE]
The slick package uses fault slip data (either field observations or from focal mechanism) to find the stress tensor that best explains the observations. Inputs are the orientation and slip direction ...

2. VISCO1D - A Program Package to Calculate Quasi-Static Deformation on a Layered Spherical Earth [USGS_VISCO1D]
VISCO1D is a program package designed to describe the response of a spherically stratified elastic-viscoelastic medium to the stresses generated by an earthquake occurring in one of the elastic layers. ...

3. Coulomb 3: Graphic-Rich Deformation and Stress-Change Software [USGS_COULOMB]
Coulomb 3.0 is designed to investigate Coulomb stress changes on mapped faults and earthquake nodal planes, and is intended both for publication-directed research and for university teaching and instruction. ...

4. Seismic Refraction Tomography [tomoseis]
The seismic refraction tomography software allows reliable imaging of subsurface velocity structure including faults, strong lateral velocity variation and other velocity anomalies. Our Smooth inversion ...

5. TeraShake: Large-Scale Simulations of Earthquakes On The Southern Andreas Fault [TeraShake]
In southern California, there is significant seismic hazard from a major earthquake on the San Andreas fault. The southern part of the fault has not seen a major event since 1690, and the accumulated ...

6. Seismic Hazards of the US [Seismic_Hazard_USGS]
The hazard maps depict probabilistic ground motions and spectral response with 10%, 5%, and 2% probabilities of exceedance (PE) in 50 years. These maps correspond to return times of approximately ...

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